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The Crown Court can be an intimidating place.

A case before the Crown Court can be complex and have very serious consequences. Proceedings can also be very slow and the procedures rather obscure and not exactly up to date. We aim to demystify the whole process, avoid jargon, and ensure that you understand exactly what is happening with your case. Our wealth of experience with all types of case up to the most serious helps with this; so too does our modern and no nonsense approach - we work digitally and our advocates do not wear wigs!


We have four solicitors with rights of audience to represent you before Crown Court, and so can often offer a streamlined service with the same person dealing with your case from police station right through to the Crown Court,. We also have access to very high quality Counsel for appropriate cases.


We have a wealth of experience of Crown Court cases:  affrays and assaults, burglary and robbery, drug trafficking, sex offences and homicides. 


For information on funding of Crown Court cases please see our costs page







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