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 Funding your case


We are able to offer representation under the legal aid scheme  or on a private basis.


Legal aid is available to all these arrested or attending as volunteers for interview with a police officer. In the Magistrates Court legal aid is subject to both a means and merits test. In the Crown Court there is a means test and a financial cap for eligibility.  We can assist you with an application for legal aid. For more information about the scheme on the government website see here and for an eligibility checker please go here.


If you have to pay privately and win your case then you would usually expect to have a proportion of your costs met out of public finds. Please note however that this is unlikely, following recent government cuts,  to be the full amount.









Fixed fees in motoring cases:

We feel it is essential to be clear about how much your representation is going to cost, right from the outset. Unlike most firms we therefore have a published scale of charges, set out below. The only extras will be if we have to pay out money on your behalf for example to an expert to do a breath alcohol calculation, or to your doctor for preparing a medical report. Travel costs are included if your case is within Worcestershire

Fixed fees in motoring cases (exclusive of VAT):-




Guilty pleas


Exceptional hardship arguments


Trials (per day)


Half day trial


Hourly rate (if you prefer, or unusual cases)



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